How to configure Nvidia 3d drivers on Bayanihan 5

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Heres a few tips for Nvidia drivers run on Bayanihan os.

1. Check the version of nvidia driver that you are using by typing lspci | grep VGA.

2. Check to see if you add non-free and contrib on your APT sources because nvidia drivers are not open source, so this one is require to get the necessary packages.

3. Install nvidia kernel module. Type uname -r to determine what kernel version you are using. Then check for the available nvidia kernel module which is equal to your kernel version , we'll use synaptic package manager and search for the nvidia-kernel. Then install the appropriate kernel module.

4. Install the nvidia libraries. Search for nvidia-glx on synaptic package manager and see if your nvidia driver version is included in the package and install it.

5. Configure X to use nvidia driver. Installing nvidia-xconfig provides auto configurtion of xorg. And issue the command nvidia-xconfig.

6. Restart your x, you can press control+alt+backspace or type in terminal /etc/init.d/kdm restart.

7. To check for the acceleration. Issue glxinfo | grep rendering. Issuing this command requires mesa utils.

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