Installing Seamonkey on Bayanihan 5 Linux

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1. downloading seamonkey on their website and choose linux on english(US)

2. uncompress seamonkey package after downloading by right clicking on the file and choose extract.

3. if you want to create a shortcut on your panel, manually you can add the shortcut by:

  • right click on the panel and click unlock panel --> panel menu --> Add Application to the panel --> Add Non-kde Application
  • click on the icon near button title --> Other icons
  • 1.1 browse on the icons on your seamonkey folder. You can find the icons in this directory.(seamonkey-2.0.4/seamonkey/chrome/icons/default/) i choose (default48.png)
  • 1.2 on the executable browse on the seamonkey application(seamonkey-2.0.4/seamonkey/seamonkey) then click Ok.
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